MP Briefings and VIP Visits

Personal invitations to meet with Cabinet Ministers, Shadow Cabinet Ministers, MP's and other strategic visitors to the North East

An opportunity to contribute on policy issues that impact on businesses here in the North East.

Why would you use it?

Provides you with direct access to key decision makers and policy influencers to discuss issues of importance to your business, your customers and suppliers. You are able to ask questions and receive direct answers on topical policy issues, but also raise your brand profile by sharing knowledge on how specific areas of policy may impact on your organisation.

What are the benefits for your organisation?

• Hear the views and intentions of key decision makers first hand
• Speak directly to key decision makers to put across your organisation's perspective

What will it cost?

There is no charge. This service is provided exclusively to NECC members on the Partner membership package.

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Tel: 0300 303 6322 

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