Are you ready for a HMRC Customs Audit?

Author - Jasmin Brown

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An HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) Customs Audit is a review conducted by the UK’s tax authority to ensure that businesses are complying with customs regulations and paying the correct amount of duties and taxes on goods being imported or exported.

Failure to comply with HMRC rules and procedures can result in a warning and possible fines, goods and vehicles being seized, or in the most serious cases arrest and imprisonment.

Our on-site visit reviews your customs procedures and can identify import tax saving opportunities. Our visit includes a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations to improve compliance in preparation for any future HMRC audits.

Our compliance audit will review the following aspects: 

  • Import & export procedures.
  • Customs authorisations held.
  • Proof of export.
  • Record Keeping.
  • How import taxes are paid & potential savings.
  • If preferential duty wasn’t claimed when it could have been. 
  • If any customs reliefs have been or should have been applied. 
  • Review of import tax calculations. 
  • Customs declarations and commercial documents (accuracy of declarations. Irregularities, reporting, audit)
  • Commodity code review. 
  • List of agents involved. 

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