Advice and guidance on exporting goods using an ATA Carnet

An ATA Carnet is the simplest duty-free and tax-free method of exporting goods on a temporary basis.

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An ATA Carnet is the simplest duty-free and tax-free method of exporting goods on a temporary basis Carnets are like ‘passports for goods’ replacing the need for usual customs documentation.

They allow fast, trouble free importation into countries belonging to the Carnet scheme, see below for a full list of participating countries without the need to pay duty and/or local tax at the time of import. They can be used for multiple trips, are valid for one year and cover over 70 countries.

Without an ATA Carnet it would be necessary to go through each country’s Customs procedures for the temporary admission of goods.

Carnets can be used for three main categories of goods:

  • Commercial samples (the Carnet is a commercial document, and as such values shown must reflect the current retail value in the UK)
  • Goods for presentation or use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions or similar events
  • Professional equipment (which is solely for use by, or under the personal supervision of the holder or his nominated representative).

ATA Carnets guarantee overseas customs authorities that all duties and taxes will be paid to them if the conditions under which they allow the goods into the country are breached.

Geographical Coverage

ATA Carnets are currently operating in the following countries:

Europe & European Union:

Austria Germany Poland
Belgium Greece Portugal
Bulgaria Hungary Romania
Croatia Ireland Slovak Republic
Cyprus Italy Slovenia
Czech Republic Latvia Spain
Denmark Lithuania Sweden
Estonia Luxembourg United Kingdom
Finland Malta
France Netherlands

 Other European countries:

Albania Iceland Russia
Andorra Macedonia (Rep.of) Serbia
Belarus Moldova Switzerland
Bosnia & Herzegovina Montenegro Turkey
Gibraltar Norway Ukraine

Africa and Middle East

Algeria Lebanon Senegal
Bahrain Madagascar South Africa
Cote d’Ivoire Mauritius Tunisia
Iran Morocco United Arab Emirates
Israel Qatar


Brazil Chile United States
Canada Mexico

Asia and Pacific

Australia Japan New Zealand
China Kazakhstan Korea Pakistan
Chinese Taipei Korea Singapore
Hong Kong, China Macao Sri Lanka
India Malaysia Thailand