Certificates of Origin

Advice and guidance on completing a Certificate of Origin

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What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin is a document which certifies the origin of goods being exported and is issued by a Chamber of Commerce. It is required by customs in the buyer’s country for customs clearance.

There are two types of documents which you can apply for, UK Certificate of Origin and Arab-British Certificate of Origin. Arab-British Certificates of Origin are processed through a Chamber of commerce but are legalised by the Arab chamber or relevant embassy depending on customer/country request. The type of certificate depends on the requirement of your overseas customer and the destination of the consignment.

UK Certificates of Origin 

Advice & Guidance on completing a UK Certificate of Origin:

Arab-British Certificates of Origin 

Special Arab-British Chamber of Commerce Certificates of Origin are used for exports to some countries that belong to the Arab League.

The Certificate of Origin comprises a three-part set as follows:

  • The Original Certificate (white coloured sheet)
  • The Copy Certificate (green coloured)
  • The Certificate Application (blue coloured) for retention by the Chamber

Instructions for the completion of the Arab-British Certificate of Origin forms are printed on the reverse of the blue Certificate Application copy.

Photocopies of the Certificate of Origin cannot be certified.

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