Chamber Customs®

Helping you trade easily and effectively overseas

All imported and exported goods now require customs clearance. We offer a customs brokerage service under ChamberCustoms®. We have direct links to sea, air and road ports and terminals in the UK. Helping you comply with custom rules to trade easily and effectively overseas.


Save time and money on our services through Chamber Global


Save time and money on our services through Chamber Global


How we can help…

ChamberCustoms is a brokerage service established by the British Chamber of Commerce to provide an independent compliance focused custom declarations service.

We can arrange customs declarations for UK imports and exports to and from the EU, and the rest of the world, via sea, air, rail and road. Since leaving the EU all import and export businesses need to complete customs formalities for goods moving between the UK and EU.

From 1 January 2022 all UK import declarations need to be submitted to HMRC before goods can proceed to transport to the UK frontier. ChamberCustoms helps business comply with customs rules while trading easily and effectively overseas. Offered direct to businesses, the service ensures customs clearance is accurate, timely and avoids additional cost through delays or errors. Different from other brokerage services, it uses the reach, expertise and knowledge of the British Chamber network to offer a supportive, reliable and compliant service.

With direct links to the HMRC CHIEF system and as an adopter of the new HMRC CDS system, we ensure your goods are cleared for onward transportation.

What we offer:

  • Export declarations from the UK
  • Import declarations into the UK including GB to NI
  • Transit documents for exports from the UK
  • Direct links to the HMRC CHIEF system and new CDS system

Benefits of ChamberCustoms:

  • Compliance focused service
  • Transparent cost and competitive pricing
  • Reputable organisation and a trusted brand
  • Experience supporting trade for over 200 years
  • Independent service to give you choice of transportation of goods
  • Experienced & qualified team trained and supported by British Chamber of Commerce and wider chamber network

We have a dedicated team ready to discuss specific requirements, and able to provide advice, support and guidance on specific customs queries via our global service desk.

Through the global network we can assist in providing contacts for destination or country of origin customs agents.

Download the 2024 ChamberCustoms price list here.

*Chamber International membership gives discounted rate for Brokerage services.

For more information please contact [email protected].