HMRC Customs Compliance Checks, Penalties and Your Obligations

Author - Jasmin Brown

Date published:

International trade is an ever-evolving landscape, and with that comes obligation, uncertainty and risk.

HMRC conduct compliance audits into businesses who trade internationally to ensure they are complying with customs regulations and paying the correct amount of taxes and duties on all goods being imported and exported.

Common areas of focus for HMRC agents are import & export paperwork, accounts, bank records, contracts, goods specifications, and other business documents. Along with inspecting goods intended for international trade, registrations, and licenses.

We’re here to support North East businesses, offering peace of mind with our HMRC compliance audits. Our on-site visits review your customs procedures and can help you not only identify any errors but also highlight tax saving opportunities.

Our compliance audit will cover the following:

· Import & export procedures.

· Customs authorisations held.

· Proof of export.

· Record Keeping.

· How import taxes are paid & potential savings.

· If preferential duty wasn’t claimed when it could have been.

· If any customs reliefs have been or should have been applied.

· Review of import tax calculations.

· Customs declarations and commercial documents (accuracy of declarations. Irregularities, reporting, audit)

· Commodity code review.

· List of agents involved.

You will receive a comprehensive report of findings along with recommendations to improve compliance and to prepare you for any future HMRC audits.

Find out more here and to book your HMRC compliance audit, please email [email protected]

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