Fast Track East Coast

Connected North East

Campaign for improvements to be made to the East Coast Mainline to enhance connectivity for the region.

Stronger together

Why is the Chamber campaigning for Fast Track East Coast?

Our Fast Track East Coast campaign ensures that the Government urgently commits to investing in upgrading the East Coast Mainline and includes this in Network Rail’s plans. This will show that the Government is committed to investing in the North and rebalancing the economy.

What is the East Coast Mainline?

The East Coast Mainline supports the route from Edinburgh down to London including connections at Berwick, Newcastle, Durham and Darlington.

How will improvements to the East Coast Mainline help the region?

The East Coast Mainline is currently struggling with capacity issues especially between Northallerton, Newcastle and Berwick. We need improvements to reduce congestion and delays as well as creating capacity for more frequent services, this will make the region more accessible.

If the North East is to receive any of the economic benefits from Northern Powerhouse Rail or HS2, there needs to be a more resilient connection to the East Coast Mainline. These key infrastructure projects can act as a driver for investment and regeneration.

Improvements to the East Coast Mainline will be important in improving local rail connectivity around the North East, more capacity means more frequent local services around Tees Valley as well as to Alnmouth and Berwick.

Increased capacity also allows for both passenger services and freight services to travel on the network. A reliable freight network is important for Northern ports and businesses to ensure that goods can travel to and from the North East.

How to get involved?

We need businesses to tell us how and why rail connectivity is important to your business and your short and long-term plans. Whether you or your staff use rail to get to work or meetings, or whether your clients and customers are reliant on rail we want to hear from you. The North East business community is incredibly powerful when it speaks with one voice. When we’re united behind a cause, people listen.

We’d like to hear from you.  

Contact Rhiannon Bearne, policy and representation director on 0300 3036322 or [email protected].

Follow us on twitter  @FastTrackEC and use #fasttrackeastcoast