Stronger North East

Our campaign for business growth in the North East

Thousands of businesses across the North East are members of the Chamber because they know they can achieve more together than they could on their own.

Together we grow stronger

Why is the Chamber campaigning for a Stronger North East?

We are confident our members can achieve more by working together. In times of adversity and opportunity, this collective strength enables businesses to thrive.

We know the North East is a great place to do business, but it can also be so much better. Our businesses have the right assets, attitude and abilities to make a far bigger contribution to the national economy but are all too often prevented from doing so.

That’s why the Chamber is campaigning for a Stronger North East.

What will a Stronger North East look like?

A Stronger North East will be influential, with the power to make decisions about its own future. It will have a global network, doing business across the world.

It will be a place that is connected, where infrastructure enables businesses to thrive.

And the region will be competitive, developing the business landscape to be recognised as a prosperous region to start or grow your business.

Finally, it will be a working region, in which everybody has the opportunity to make a contribution to our economy; where career and training opportunities are open to all and global talent is welcomed.

We’d like to hear from you. How can you get involved?

Contact Rhiannon Bearne, policy and representation director on 0300 3036322 or [email protected].

Follow us on twitter  @nechamber and use #StrongerNorthEast

Competitive North East

The pandemic has caused enormous damage to businesses across our region.

Cashflow, already at low levels, plummeted as orders dried up and firms were forced to shut down. Businesses that have taken up the various Government support schemes have acquired significant new debts as a result.

We cannot allow these problems to become long-term, structural issues in our economy.


Connected North East

The quality of infrastructure in the region will be vital to our economic recovery, ensuring that communities in the region are connected to opportunities both physically and digitally.

Infrastructure investment must be a central part of the Government’s levelling up agenda to create jobs, more resilient networks and investment opportunities for the region.


Dynamic North East

We must reimagine what our places are for and revitalise them as centres of economic activity. Our towns and cities play a vital role in connecting communities but more must be done to make them accessible to all and to bring businesses back. We need to create the right environment for smaller retailers but also for innovative start-ups, charity and community activities to ensure that town centres are dynamic, interactive spaces fit for the future.


Global North East

The North East can rightly pride itself on its export success.

The EU is our biggest export market and so maintaining good trading relations with our near neighbours is essential to our ambitions. A deal with the EU must be agreed immediately, with a commitment from both sides to continuously strive to improve trade. Businesses must also be fully supported as they adapt to new trading arrangements.


Influential North East

The Chamber will work with businesses and stakeholders across our region to build a campaign that shouts about our potential and the many great reasons to invest here.

The voice of the North East needs to be heard.

This is a place with so much to offer, but which also faces significant challenges. For far too long we have struggled to gain sufficient attention from decision makers in Government and elsewhere.


Working North East

Everyone in our region must be able to access high quality employment and training opportunities, regardless of their background or personal circumstances.

The Chamber will work with its membership to bring businesses together to provide quality training and career opportunities, meaningful work experience placements and to position the North East as the best place in which to build a career.