Knowledge & learning

Our knowledge & learning platforms provide you with exclusive information, guidance, and insights to help your business be the best it can be.

What we do

Grow your knowledge

Our knowledge programme of events means you can make connections and ask your pressing questions on the latest business topics all at the same time.


events and webinars a year providing essential business information

Shared insight

We share the knowledge and expertise of our members, Partners and the Chamber team we give you the information and insight you need to make your business stronger, more efficient and ready for growth.


blogs and articles on key business topics

A wealth of resources

Our seminars, workshops and webinars, as well as online content, means you can catch up in your own time. We cover the latest changes and hot topics across your business – everything from HR, to marketing, to finance and systems – meaning your whole team can benefit.


webinar recordings and video masterclasses in our library

Business support services

Carefully chosen support services to save time, money and help with the day to day management of your business. We are here to support you and your business, providing comprehensive advice and guidance through Chamber HR, Legal, Health and Safety and Tax.


365 days a year, you can speak to a specialist advisers

What we offer

  • Briefings, updates, and blogs – Access to the latest guidance, information and insights on topics that matter most to your business and your team. An opportunity to share your expert views, content, and best practice with our online community of over 40,000.
  • Knowledge seminars – We lead the conversation on topics important to you. Delivered through a series of seminars and resources, supported by industry experts focusing on areas like leadership and workplace culture.
  • Information and learning hub – Tap into our online hubs to access specialist resources helping you with topics like digital transformation.
  • Research reports and commissions – Creating the basis for much of our campaign work, sharing invaluable knowledge and recommendations for business on topics like: future of the workforce; role of business development; good work and cost of living toolkits; race, ethnicity & diversity (red) commission recommendations.
  • Lunch & Learn – A series of online seminars, giving access to experts across a variety of business functions, from networking to marketing, systems, and HR.
  • Business support services – Providing information and resources covering HR, tax, legal and health and safety through our business support services.

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Here to support you and your business

Chamber business support services

Make new connections, increase your knowledge and save time and money.

Chamber business advice services

Access legal, HR, health and safety and tax advice with your membership


Chamber Cost Saving

Save time and money with exclusive initiative such as vehicle breakdown cover, foreign exhcnage and international payment services and up to 67% off vehicle breakdown cover.



From SME’s to multi-nationals we bring businesses and individuals together across a range of member events.


Digital Hub

As a part of our Stronger North East Campaign, our commitment for Connected North East is to digitalise North East businesses.

Adopting technology and digital processes as a business is an important factor in increasing business productivity, reaching customers, reducing your carbon footprint and futureproofing your business as you become more competitive in your sector. It’s vital that business leaders embrace the digital mindset to make the North East region more competitive.

To find out more head to our Digital Hub

Our Latest Report

The Future of Business Development

The Chamber’s latest report looks at the future of business development. In the report we hear from six experts on different aspects of business development, as well as share four case studies of businesses who’ve changed their approach as a result of the pandemic but built on the positives for the longer term.

Has business development changed forever?

During the pandemic, business development was one of the first things to change. Face-to-face meetings were impossible, offices and places of work were closed, people were forced to connect virtually. Read expert insights on what changed, and views on the changes staying for the long term.

Read the report