Member spotlight: Excelpoint

Author - Emma Aghdami

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This week we caught up with the team at Excelpoint to find out how they’re going further with Chamber membership.

Where are you based?

The Work Place Heighington Lane, Aycliffe Business Park, County Durham

How many employees do you have?


Give us a brief overview of your business.

Operating in the fourth industrial revolution, Excelpoint is a pioneer of no-code technology, leading the charge into the digital revolution. As a key player in the no-code automation software sector, it helps businesses worldwide to streamline and automate business processes on average up to ten times faster than bespoke development projects.

Many businesses operate with home-built and legacy systems purchased from different sources, which are difficult to maintain, create misalignment, and restrict growth.

This is where Excelpoint delivers. With a feature-rich no-code software platform securely accessible from any device, you can build and deploy fully customisable enterprise-wide solutions.

Excelpoint is leading the way in business process management, enabling organisations to eradicate inefficient processes, drive employee engagement, improve data accuracy and reporting, and free up key members of staff to focus on performance improvement.

Tell us about a recent business success.

We have recently proudly won the FSB Innovation award for the North East region and will be representing the Northeast at the FSB award finals in Blackpool on the 9th of May. The FSB Innovation Award recognises businesses for bold, new business models and innovative products that deliver dramatic results. Excelpoint was recognised for its commitment to pushing technology boundaries to deliver transformative solutions for its customers.

We have also been shortlisted for the Aycliffe Business Park, Make Your Mark Awards for the Innovation Award and Small Business of the Year Award.

Why are you a Chamber Member?

We are a member of the North East Chamber of Commerce to lift and raise the profile of the business and network with industry leaders in the local North East region.

Where can we find you?

You can visit our website at and follow our socials below:

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