Policy representation & campaigns

As a member you can ensure your business’s voice is heard through our relationships with decision makers regionally and nationally, and our campaign work.

What we do

Prestigious economic survey

As an organisation that campaigns to make the North East the best possible environment for business, understanding our members’ experiences of the regional economy is vital. It is used by decision-makers in the region and also national organisations.


regional economic reports produced every year

Make your voice heard

We host regular meetings and events across the region that give our members the opportunity to understand the policy landscape and to challenge decision makers on the issues that matter to their business.



monthly local area meetings with members

Campaigning for a Stronger North East

Thousands of businesses across the North East are members of the Chamber because they know they can achieve more together than they could on their own.


North East-based businesses are members of the Chamber

Policy forums to offer advice

We also run a series of forums covering a range of industries and challenges including transport, development, skills, energy and diversity. These meetings are aimed at businesses with a specialist interest or expertise in these fields and enable in-depth discussion on relevant issues and policy changes.


monthly forums to drive conversation around topical issues

What we offer

We exist to make the North East the best and fairest place to live, work and do business. We do this by investing heavily in our policy work, so we can represent our members effectively and actively improve conditions for businesses. Being part of the Chamber means you’re shaping the future of the North East.

  • We work to understand what’s important to our members through sector forums, area meetings and business surveys, alongside conversations with businesses across the network.
  • We have strong relationships with decision makers, including local and regional government, our MPs, and the Bank of England, as well as other businesses and sector specific organisations whose work impacts our members.
  • As part of the British Chambers of Commerce network we represent your voice at the highest levels of national government and decision making.
  • We interpret and communicate legislation changes, budget announcements and policy proposals, through blogs, briefings, updates, and events, helping you stay up to date and well-informed.
  • We work collaboratively with other organisations to represent businesses and the North East. We’ve supported some of the most significant investment and employment opportunities which have benefited our region over the last 200 years.

We’re a North East institution that’s been around since 1815. We’re apolitical and independent. We’re owned by and accountable to our members and our profits are reinvested to deliver our mission. We represent more than 2,000 businesses so we’re a trusted, respected and an authoritative voice.

Election 2024

In the run up to the general election on 4 July, we have pulled together five key asks to all political parties on behalf of our members.

Our asks align with our strategy for change to create a stronger, fairer North East and include practical actions to deliver fair and inclusive growth for the region and the wider UK.

5 Key Election Tasks

  • Focus on creating the conditions for growth.

    Through practical quick wins such as business rate reform, alongside sustained, stable funding for public services to support private sector productivity, unlock competitiveness and boost investment.

  • Ensure that local skills meet local needs.

    The Local Skills Improvement Plans produced across the UK highlight the skills our economy needs now. To maximise growth through skills, we are calling for any new government to address the long-term funding concerns further education has faced; whilst incentivising businesses to upskill and reskill their staff through Apprenticeship Levy reform, and training-related tax breaks.      

  • Attract increased investment to the North East in key growth sectors.

    Create new opportunities and well-paid jobs, making levelling up a reality. Grow the green sector by recognising the role of the North East in national strategies and supporting businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Take a national view to improving accessibility and availability of public transport, especially in disconnected communities. Devolution presents a key opportunity for the whole of the North East to attract investment. Increased devolved powers and investment funds for the region’s combined authorities will help to drive stronger, fairer growth.

  • Reduce child poverty levels and increase participation.

    by breaking down barriers to work including ill health, poor local transport links and lack of childcare.

  • Improve exporter confidence and grow trade

    Commit to supporting more businesses to trade internationally and help successful exporters reach new markets. Give exporters the tools they need, especially digital, to adapt to new policies and legislation quickly.

Get involved

  • Talk to us – our experienced policy team is on hand to support you with issues affecting your business.
  • Area Meetings & Council – our area meetings provide opportunities to engage with decision makers, improve your business intelligence, and shape business conditions where you live or work. Our meetings feed directly into our Chamber council, an elected representative body which sets the Chamber’s policy direction and priorities.
  • Quarterly Economic Survey – this regular survey gives us powerful information on business conditions which is used by the Bank of England, the Treasury and MPs.
  • North East Business Brief – our monthly update arrives in your inbox, offering accessible insight and intelligence on all aspects of economic and social policy relevant to our members.
  • Policy Forums – our forums give members a voice on topics like education and skills, transport, development, infrastructure, and engineering and manufacturing. These bring together businesses of all sizes and sectors to support our understanding of what’s impacting our members. They are underpinned by our women’s leadership and future leaders’ forums, and race, equality, and diversity commission. These shape our knowledge of the challenges facing groups in our community helping us deliver better business for everyone in the North East.

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Simplifying the education & skills landscape

We are working on an initiative alongside The Strategic Development Network and the Gatsby Foundation, supported by DFE, BCC and other national employer bodies.

The initiative aims to build understanding amongst employers, particularly small employers, about the education and skills landscape.

Stronger North East

The North East is a creative and innovative region. It’s home to brilliant businesses, dynamic places and hard- working people. But there are challenges we must overcome.

Despite our challenges, a Stronger North East is in our reach. A region that will be influential on the national stage, global in its outlook, connected to opportunities and a connected place to do business.

The Chamber’s Stronger North East campaign is an ambitious set of proposals to help create innovative towns and cities, attract investment and create jobs.

This work has never been more important in these challenging times.

Find out more about a Stronger North East.


Our policy work

There are lots of ways to make your voice heard, grow your influence and shape the Chamber’s campaigns.

Our relationships with decision makers at local, regional and national levels allow the voice of our members to be heard in the right place at the right time. Our Stronger North East campaign sets out the policy changes our members want to see, while our network of area meetings and policy forums ensure that our priorities match current business needs.