A strategic approach to workload placement for high-growth businesses

Author - Erika Armanino

Date published:

Pulsant offers a series of practical points on how to navigate the complex landscape of placing technology infrastructure in the right place.

Following recession and post-Covid work patterns, leading organisations are now reframing what it means to have a physical presence, going beyond shared offices to a more refined strategy. Businesses are now exploring alternative solutions; often migrating to serviced offices, in order to avoid capital expenditure and scale offices and premises as the business itself grows.

However, issues are already beginning to arise, especially for UK high-growth companies. Serviced offices are rarely equipped to deal with specialist IT demands and the infrastructure and connectivity they offer simply does not compare to a dedicated data centre, especially with regards to connectivity options and data management.

Consequently, businesses report that they face challenges using their own technology or that there is inadequate business continuity, such as the provision of power.

To combat this, Pulsant provides a strategic approach with five simple steps:

  1. Establish what the data is going to be used for. Is speed of access the top concern? Or confidentiality? Or real-time analysis? Consider scalability, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  2. Define the technologies that will most effectively serve these key purposes. Technically, this means assessing space, power, cooling, and connectivity requirements and accounting for data volume, bandwidth, and downtime.
  3. Find and connect with suppliers in those spaces that are prepared to become real partners.
  4. Develop a detailed migration plan that anticipates delays and establishes clear definitions of success.
  5. Keep an eye on the future: embracing data and taking steps towards managing and optimising it, typically accelerates growth for a business.

Pulsant created the UK’s edge infrastructure platform, platformEDGE, which brings nationwide, next-generation infrastructure to the regions. Pulsant’s data centres act as local hubs not only offering local presence but also a national presence with connectivity and hybrid cloud options for unparalleled opportunities for growth.

To find out more about Pulsant and their work please visit Pulsant: The UK’s Edge Platform.

You can read the full article at PUL049 Office Moves Guide.pdf.

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